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Wellbeing Therapies

Wellbeing Therapies

Swedish Massage
Helps to ease day to day stress and muscular tension to promote relaxation
Back, neck & shoulder | 30 minute £25
Body Massage | 60 minutes £40

Hot Stone Massage
Combines relaxing warmth and refreshing coolness of the stones to encourage the body to detox and promote well being
Back, neck & shoulder | 30 Minute £30
Body Massage | £50

Relaxing foot treatment working with pressure points to help the body to restore natural balance and relaxation
Reflexology | 60 minutes £40
Combined hand & foot reflexology treatment with an aromatherapy pulse point massage | 90 minutes £72

Angel Essence| 60 Minutes £50
_ Angel healing works with the love and energy healing of the angels, for cleansing, clearing and restoring the body, mind & Spirit back into balance,
followed by an angel card reading to bring you some positive affirmations & guidance_

|30 Mins £30| 60 Mins £40
Reiki Is a beautiful universal life force energy treatment which encourages the body's own innate healing powers to restore balance within. can help to reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind.

Crystal Therapy
|30 Mins £30| 60 Mins £40|
Crystal gemstones are placed around the body to help bring peace and balance within during this energy healing therapy

Sinus Relief Therapy
_Gentle Massage therapy with drainage techniques across the forehead and around the eye area, to help reduce congestion & puffiness in the Sinus area followed by a Relaxing therapy using Hopi Ear Candles which are placed over the entrance of the ear canal and as they slowly burn down they warm and draw out the wax from the ear canal. This treatment can help with blockages and sinus problems.
45 Minutes - £35 sinus relief treatment
30 minutes - £25 Hopi candle only

Back cleansing massage |45 mins £35
Warm back exfoliation treatment followed by back, neck & shoulder massage

Belle Vie signature treatment | 75 Minutes £58
Soothing foot Soak, Express facial & Hot stone back massage

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